Drinking water treatment


Guaranteeing top quality drinking water.

Water is a vital resource, bit only 3 % of the water on our planet is fresh. Of these reserves, just 10 % can be exploited economically.  It is estimated that 1.1 billion people lack access to clean drinking water and there is a water shortage in already 30 countries. Water is the most vital raw material of the 21st century. Accordingly, a secure water supply is regarded as one of the most important global objectives for the coming years.

Today, a secure drinking water supply is impossible without the use of the latest technology In many locations. Innovative technologies for the treatment of drinking water as well as water reuse are gaining in importance in all the world’s regions.

Our performance meets all the stricter limits in the drinking and wastewater sectors and in many cases, future developments are also taken into account. We design and build plants of the highest standard and contribute to the prevention and removal of environmental loads through the realisation of our scientific know-how and constant process development work.